Friday, October 16, 2009

The Cave Youth Service

We had over 150 Jr. Highers from Cooper Middle School come to our Wednesday night youth service. This is not counting our high school and college groups. What started out as a rough night of teens disrespecting each other and the leaders turned into a mighty intervention of God's love and presence. He came and over 40 teens gave thier heart to Christ. WOW!

The young man above is Lee, he was a basketball freak, and was going to the NBA, but his intentions were cut off when he found girls, and parties. He flunked two classes and couldn't get accepted into college. He went to the youth conference called "Total Abandonment", and gave his heart to Christ. He has since been an intern at the church, and shares his testimony everywhere.

This is our youth worship leader Josh, he raps, hip-hops and brings the youth into the presence of God! Him and his wife both sing, and are a part of the vital part of the team.

This is De De, she came to the church two years ago, she was involved with gangs, and other things, she was depressed and opressed. She gave her heart to Christ, got out of the gang, and has turned her life around. She is one of the interns at the church, and raps for Jesus. Brian is the Youth Pastor, he is seen here with the overwhelming presence of what God is doing.

Look what God can do!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Changing with the Season

The last few months have been interesting for my husband and I. We are still trying to sell our home, we have a new house-mate, and he is still looking for a job. Although it does not look like things are changing, I know that God is always turning things around for our good. Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done! I am still working all my jobs, and I am now back in school. Yes, I am in school working on my Doctorate in Pastoral Community Counseling. I should be able to graduate in Fall of 2011. My husband is also continuing is bridge classes so he can attend ORU next fall. Seasons change, and we all have the choice to follow in pursuit of these changes, or remain shut up and stuck, not by anyone else's fault, but by one's own. Time to grow, flow, learn, expand, harvest, step up, and step into all He has for you!!
Another goal for me is to keep a more updated blog for the three of you who do read this! LOL
Lov ya!