Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Navy Shorts Adventure

Once again I have been given the privialge to host an old-navy party, this time it was to take several friends out and try on different types of shorts and looks.

We arrived at the store early, only to find that manager was a bit rude and did not believe that we were actually with the Old Navy Style Counsel, however with some research, he finally believed us. He only allowed us to take pictures around the dressing room areas. So we had to make the best out of a horrible start.

The first model is my friend Constance, she tried on a BBQ Look, a serious look, and a playful date at the beach look....below are her pictures.

Next was Liz, She did a super cool with sunglasses look, a BBQ look, and then an everyday girl going to the grocery store look.

I was last, I ended up doing business casual, casual, and funky monkey purple. We each ended up getting the last outfit we tried on, and had a blast except for the mean manager.

Once again, thanks for this wonderful chance to have fun.

I had one more friend who did this, but I am awaiting the pictures.

~Jessica Smith