Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old Navy Review/Report

A promise made, is a promise kept. What do I mean by this? I am a member of the Old Navy Style Council, in which it is my duty and honor to review certain types of clothing then write about my shopping experience. A few weeks ago, I signed up to receive coupons for a free pair of Old Navy Work-Out Pants, within my packet was four coupons one for me, and the other three I was to give to friends. I promised to write a review about my experience and post it on my blog, and tada…here it is!

On my first trip, I went with a college friend, Angie. She was super excited about it, and we spent about an hour trying on different types and lengths. Angie is a size 12, and has some extra hip and curves to her body. She wanted to find something she could go walking in, and run errands in. After choosing two different types, we narrowed it down to the Women’s Wide-Leg Capris in grey. These fit her just right, and drew her attention away from unflattering areas.

I tried on several different types as well, and settled for the Woman’s Fold-Over Yoga Pants in black. They are long enough for my height (5’7”), and had the size I needed (16), they fit very well in all the right areas, and I can dress them up for work, or down to run errands in. In fact, I am wearing them right now as I type out this report.

Above is the pair I actually got, the picture that my friend took was really bad!

On my second shopping trip, I took my friends Kristi and Eva. Kristi is very short and petite, so finding something that fit her small frame wasn’t hard to do. Old Navy offers a large variety of choice and colors, and some designs, so there is something for everyone. She also chose the Woman’s Fold-Over Capris in black, and picked a smaller size than normal. She likes her clothes to be very form-fitting. She promised me that if she went, she would take a picture of herself wearing them at home.

Eva on the other hand is super shy, and did not want her picture involved, so instead of a picture of her, I have put in a picture of the pants she chose. Eva is 5’8”, a size 8, and is a dancer. She looked for something flowing, but comfy. She narrowed it down to the Women’s Fold-Over Lounge Gauchos in grey or brown. After consulting our thoughts, she decided upon the grew. They looked super cute on her elegant body.

All in all, my experience shopping for Old Navy products was amazing! I do not say that lightly, as it has always been difficult for me to find clothes that fit my body size, style, and pocketbook. I highly recommend Old Navy’s Active Gear to everyone. They have just about everything one may need for the total work-out experience. I will be wearing my Fold-Over Yoga Pants with great pride!

Thank you Crowdtap for choosing me for this wonderful opportunity! For those readers who do not know what I am speaking of, head over to for your own chance to review products and clothes for free while earning points and cash for your favorite charities.