Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crowdtap and Old Navy Strike Again

Greetings All,

So this afternoon I took my friend Katie to go with me to Old Navy. Thanks to Crowdtap.com I was able to once again find the perfect outfit. It took about an hour to find the right fit, color, and jacket. The jacket was harder to find because it was in the back of the store, and there was not that many left. I am thinking that is a good problem to have, even more so if you are an Old Navy store. I finally chose the Woman’s Color Block Compression Jacket in purple. If fits great, moves with my body when I jog, and easily can be worn for errands and weekends out going grocery shopping. It is very warm, and in Oklahoma, cold Novembers and wind are the norm, and although this jacket looks thin, it holds its own. Very warm. I also chose the Women’s Premium Active Boot-Cut Pants in Purple Iris, it matches great, are also warm, and can be used to work out, run, errands etc. It can also be matched with other tops. Very cute outfit!!!

Katie chose Women’s Color Block Jacket in purple with a half-zipper and the Women’s Premium Active Boot-Cut pants in black. She had to find a smaller size since she has lost so much weight. I am proud of her. She had a blast trying on different styles, but we both agree that the longer pants are better for colder weather in the fall. Below are the pictures of our final choices, and we look great. Thanks again to Old Navy and http://www.crowdtap.com/

Jessica Smith