Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Old Navy Jeans


Once again, I was picked to test out Old Navy Pants and share my little outting.

My friend Constance and I arrived at Old Navy, and there was hardly anyone there. This was a

good thing, because we like to take our time and enjoy the shopping process. We each picked out

three pairs of pants to try on. Constance went first and looked wonderful in all three, but chose

the second pair she tried on. She chose the Sweetheart Slim Fit pair of jeans, which added to her

lean legs. I tried on three pairs, and only the new Women's Flare Slim fit pair fit me, and looks

awesome! I only had Constance take on picture of the two that fit me, believe me , you do NOT

want to see the third option!

I got the first pair!! Very Cute and Form Fitting.

Thanks Old Navy and for trusting me to follow through and enjoy these jeans!!!!

~Jessica Smith