Friday, June 5, 2009

Five Years Of Marriage

Greetings Reader!

Today is my husband and I's 5th wedding anniversary. goes by quickly. I remember walking down the isle toward my husband, and my arm wrapped in my father's thinking, "I am going from daughter to wife, I wonder what this will be like." Well, Jessica let me tell you what it has been like in a very brief list of experiences and lessons learned:

1. Never say to hubby, "Can you do this?" or "Could you do this?" Ask, "Would you do this for me in the next few minutes?"

2. On our way back from Hilton Head Island, SC from our honeymoon, I was feeling very sick. We were almost off he island, when I told Greg to pull over. I got out just in time to throw up all over the ground and kept throwing up. A pastor pulled over and called 9-11. I was taken to an ambulance to the hospital. All the while on the trip, the guy kept saying, "Oh, you must be pregnant!" "Umm no!! Believe me, I am NOT pregnant, it can't happen that quickly!!!" It had really ticked me off how someone could jump to such a conclusion.

At the hospital the doctor told me I had, "Honeymoonities". "What?" Often new brides get it after their honeymoon, but I had it jump from mild to serious. I had a unrinary track infection, bladder infection, and my kidneys were shutting down. I had a high fever, and was lucky to even make it. Whoa!! So no, Mr. Ambulance Man, I was not pregnant! *laughs*

3. Men want to know how we are feeling, tell them with your words, and not with your emotions.

4. Southern Men love their southern food and sweet tea!

5. Never leave a pet rabbit out on a covered porch during a thunder storm!! Ask me about that!

6. Your spouse is your best friend.

7. Never do anything major unless you are in total enthusiactic agreement.

8. Fight fair, no raised voices, and express your heart, not your hurt.

9. Cilantro is NOT what you use to make buttered southern greens.

10. I love my husband now, more than I did, and want to spend another 50 years plus with him! He is great!

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