Thursday, August 20, 2009


Where are we?

At this point, a lot of things in my life don't make any sense.

Why can't we sell our home?

Why does Obama's Stimulas package for home owners only bring down your monthly payment by 80 dollars instead of 300??

Why can't my wonderful, talented, smart, and witty husband get even a mim. wage job?

Why is it that I work three jobs and we scrach by?

All of these questions and more swirl around inside my mind. How, when, why....?

Am I not good enough? Am I not doing enough? What are we missing?

Who are we missing? Why are we not hearing??

What do we hear?

Slience....and then....

"This isn't about you. It has never been. It's all about me, the people you serve, and the Glory your situation will bring to Me as a testimoney to others."

But God..what about...?

"It is not about you, but what I will do through you, for you, and in you."

Thank you Daddy....

You are always enough for me!

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