Thursday, March 12, 2009

Response to Tara Sloan's Post on Her Blog

A response for Tara Sloan's blog....

1.) Does you husband lead/pastor the church himself or do you partner with him in leading/pastoring?

I partner with him in everything.

2.) Do you prefer that your spouse keeps you in the dark regarding pressures from the church, (i.e. financial, pastoral care, etc.)?

Since we are a team and both feel called to plant a church, we are very transparent with each other, but also keep each other accountable in finances, planning, etc.

3.) What issues as a wife in ministry do you feel bring you the most grief?

Honestly?? People who complain to me about my husband's preaching, "Oh, it was way too confrontational", and "why does he preach about the kingdom?" If you have a real concern, ask him about it! *laughs*

4.) What, if anything, would you add/change about Pastor Lamb's post?

I think he had an honest opinion from a "pastoral-husband" perspective. I cannot say that each couple is the same in ministry, but I would be a bit more honest with my wife, if I were him. Just a thought.

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