Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Kingdom Call

Darrel Wright propped his elbow against the wall, Intro to Wisdom Literature was very boring, and how much of Proverbs did need preached at him anyway? Checking his watch again, he only had five more minutes of Dr. Britten’s throaty voice. “Class, remember that on Friday, we are having a pop-quiz, and it’s not a surprise. Make sure to read over chapters 1-10 of Proverbs and pick out a verse that jumps out at you.”“How fun, more homework that has no point.” Darrel was only in college because his dad had already paid his way and expected his one and only son to follow in his footsteps. “Pastor Darrel, not a title I want.” Pushing his book bag further onto his shoulder he followed the sidewalk and headed to the cafeteria for lunch.Later on that evening, he sat in the student center of Kingdom Life Bible School looking over his calendar of events. “Darrel Wright, do you have a second?” Looking up, Darrel’s eyes met with a tall, heavy man in a black pin-stripped suit. “Sure, have a seat, how can I help you?”“Well, this may sound weird, but my name is Trevor Wells, and I am the President’s personal Chaplin. We have been keeping track of your progress here at the school, and in a few months would like you to come to the White House to become a Chaplin in-training.” “You what? I really don’t know what to say right now, this is so weird. I haven’t even heard that President Obama had a personal Chaplin. Why me?”“Your father laughed when we asked him about you, since you are the youngest, but after you saved the life of one of the President’s U.S. Coast Guard recruits last summer, God has really put you on my heart.”“Shh, I don’t like to talk about that. It was my last tour of duty, and anyone of those men or women would have done the same thing. I’m only 21, isn’t that a little young to be taking on that type of responsibility? Why not use one of my older brothers?”“Darrel, I understand your shock, but please think about this, God is not a respecter of persons, age or ethnic background, He has chosen you for such a time as this.”“What, am I Esther now? Can I think about it? I mean this is like the weirdest thing ever.”“Sure Darrel, here is my card. Call me in a few weeks, and we can meet up again.”Shaking the large man’s hand, Darrel just nodded in return as he watched Mr. Wells lumber out the door.Days flashed by and Darrel tried to ignore the agonizing throbbing thoughts of the offer given to him. “Why me? Why not anyone else? The President wants me to be his personal Chaplin? Is this even real?” “Bam-bam, you’re dead!” Feeling a tug on his shirt, Darrel remembered what he was doing. “Sorry, Timmy, here’s your snack.” Working part-time at God’s Little Sheep Care Center gave Darrel time to relax from school and focus on what he loved, watching kids.“Time for music kids, come on and get in the circle.” Taking out his guitar, Darrel strummed out and sang, “God’s got an army, marching through this land, deliverance is their song, there’s healing in there hand, everlasting joy, and gladness in their hearts, and in this army I’ve got a part.” Little hands clapped, and feet danced new jigs to the melody bringing a smile to his face.May 5th, came quicker than he had anticipated. Straightening his graduation cap, he heard the music come to an end. Marching outside for the final picture, he waved at his family, all nine of them, shouting and whistling at him in cheers. Waiting in the parking lot was a limo and Mr. Wells. His bags were packed, family following his every move, and tears in his parent’s eyes.“Son, I am gonna miss you. Come here.” Embracing him in a hug, Darrel’s eyes wet as well. “My Baby’s all grown up.” “Mom, please, we are in public!” Teasing, he hugged her goodbye and got into the limousine. “Mr. Wells, thanks for not giving up on me. It took me a long time to come to this decision, but in the end I really know as John 11: 12 says that ‘the kingdom of God is forcibly advancing and forceful men lay hold of it’. I am one of those men.”

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