Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guest Blogger: Rick Joyner

The Army of God Mobilizes, Part 38 Since the theme for the Word for the Week is mobilizing, and we have many current examples of how this works, I would like to examine one in particular because of its obvious and powerful lessons—that is how the Republican Party mobilized when Governor Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. This may be an unprecedented example of what we are seeking to understand here so we would be missing a great opportunity not to examine it. This is not about politics, but mobilization. In my lifetime, I cannot remember another person coming from such obscurity to such visibility and influence in such a short period of time. Several times I have purposely scrolled through every news channel, and Governor Palin’s face was on them all—conservative, liberal, and those who at least claimed to be neutral. The coverage ranged from extremely positive to extremely negative, but it seemed that everyone could not help but to talk about her. Many were wowed by John McCain’s brilliance at announcing Governor Palin as his running mate the morning after the unprecedented euphoria that the Democratic Party seemed to be feeling after their convention. This may have been brilliant timing, but that does not account for this unprecedented impact from a person who has seemed to suck the oxygen out of any other news. Think about it. When Geraldine Ferraro was chosen, the first woman ever to be on a major party ticket for one of the two highest offices in the world, there was not even a fraction of the stir created by Governor Palin. This is what we discussed before about having an anointing for leadership. Nothing in the natural could explain the reactions for and against her. It’s not natural. Usually a pick for the Vice President has a little impact and then it is over in a day or two. Not so here. McCain was hardly noticed anymore, which interestingly he did not seem to mind but actually enjoyed it. Palin’s announcement excited and mobilized the Republican Party, possibly like nothing else has so fast. Immediately, crowds were eclipsing those of any of the other candidates. This is an anointing for leadership. Palin has also excited opposition. It quickly went from what seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction to the news, to a very mean-spirited and deeply disrespectful tone. Feminists were actually using “the glass ceiling” to try to beat Governor Palin down. The accusations against her were so bizarre for a time that those making them were immediately humiliated and embarrassed as an increasingly discerning public reacted to the hypocrisy. The more the media tried to demean her, the more the public rose up and smote them back. This was very interesting to say the least. This is not to imply that the questions being asked about Governor Palin’s qualifications to sit “a heartbeat away” from what is considered the most powerful position on the planet are not legitimate. Many in both parties did question this, but did it with respect and appeared to do it objectively, which should be appreciated. The qualification to sit in such authority is what the campaigns are designed to establish or reveal. However, there is a difference between legitimate and respectful questioning of such important issues and attacking with evil motives by using deception and lies. The rage that also rose up against Governor Palin is the result of her anointing. We need to consider this when we are desperate for others to recognize us and our calling—if the true can recognize us, so can the devil. If our unveiling has not happened yet, we are not ready for it. I do feel that Governor Palin has a calling to leadership that I recognized immediately when I first saw her speak. This does not necessarily mean that the McCain ticket is going to win this fall or that everyone who disagrees with her or challenges her is from the devil. However, there was a considerable amount of opposition that rose up that did cross the line and was easily recognizable as being beyond mere human disagreement. Some of the same has come against Senator Obama and the accusations leveled against him that are not true. He, too, has a remarkable anointing to mobilize people, and that will always cause a corresponding opposition. As we have discussed previously, the anointing to mobilize can be used for good or evil. The leaders of both the North and South in the American Civil War had a remarkable anointing for mobilizing multitudes for their causes. So have leaders on both sides in most wars, and yet one side can be far more righteous in their cause. The greater the anointing to mobilize, the more who will follow us, and the more that can lead to do good or evil. Therefore, if the time comes when others start to mobilize to us, we must be even more careful of where we are leading them. The ultimate Leader is Jesus. When He is lifted up all men will be drawn to Him. Therefore, the greatest anointing for drawing men will come by those who are manifesting Him more. To manifest Him more, we must keep our attention on Him and not those following us. There is a place for being aware of those the Lord has given us to watch over and to lead in His name for the sake of being responsible. I was shown a vision many years ago that I feel says it clearly. In this vision, I saw a pastor who would look at the Lord, and people started gathering to him. Whenever he turned from the Lord to look at the people, they would start scattering from him. Again, there is a place for knowing those we have been given to watch over and to be responsible for, but there is also a curse that came upon Israel when David “numbered the people.” If we are receiving our security from how people feel about us or how many are following us rather than from the Lord’s approval, we are in danger of leading them astray. The more people begin to follow us, the more we must keep our eyes on the Leader and resolve to get ever closer to Him.
Rick Joyner, 9/23/2008

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Tara Sloan said...

This is fantastic insight.. I believe Sarah Palin can be likened to Esther, selected for such a time as this!