Friday, September 26, 2008

Stand Ladies, Stand

In Honor of My Close Friends...Ladies..I love you!

What do we do when times are tough, and our heart aches, yearning for something more,

something greater than ourselves?

We want break through in our life,

in areas that have been battled for years,

cried over with tears,

and fought over with strife.

Our heart's desire is to win.

Yet in the battle, our fighting thins.

We see no one beside us, no one to guide us.

We feel alone with ourselves,

alone in the fight,

trying with all of our might.

To get beyond this season,

beyond the pain,

running and striving

to fight off the pain.

What to do in all of this mess,

to jump over,

swim over, and

join the rest. Of those who have made it before,

gives us some hope, for us to fight more.

Stand and fight

Your battle is over.

God in heaven

Is always much higher

Than all of our ways

all of our thoughts

He is the author

the finisher of all.

He will fight

For your behalf

Stand Ladies, Stand

Watch His Hands!

He will do

All we cannot

And break down

The enemies plot

Stand Ladies, Stand

God is in Control

The water is not

as deep as before.

Walk with Him

Let Him Guide

He is Protector

He will Provide!


~Jessica Smith

1 comment:

Melissa said...

GIrl I just have to say, WOW! I love your poetry! It ministers to me greatly. Hey thnk you for the encouragement this afternoon...I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and you helped a lot! Thankyou my sista!