Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Orange Sherbet Recipe!

Updates on my life, etc..

Hubby and I get to fly to NC to see his parents and sister. I have a new nephew that I have never met, and there is another one on the way. All the more for me to spoil!! *smiles*

I now have my own Etsy is

I am making baskets now and putting them online. I now have one up...and two more on the way. I have to take pictures of them. Let me know what you think!!

I made orange sherbet punch for a work party, and everyone LOVED it, so,,..

2 Two Liter Bottles of Club Soda

2 Two Liter Bottles of 7-UP

1 3 Gallon Bucket of Orange Sherbet

1 3 Pound Bag of Frozen Fruit.

Put thawed sherbet into big punch bowel.

Pour one liter of the Club Soda, then one bottle of the 7-up.

Place Frozen Bag of Fruit on top, this is used instead of ice.

Finish Pouring the Club Soda and 7-Up.

This is good for 100 people.

For 50 people, use half the recipe.

For 25 use a quarter of the recipe.

It is sooooooo goood! I promise.

Until Next Time, Be Blessed Beyond Measure and Let God's Light Shine in Your Darkest of Places!!!

~Jessica Smith

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