Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have a secret!

Pssst, over here, I have something to tell you! Shhhh..don't tell anyone but......

Everyone loves to be in on a secret. One of the worst things is feeling left out when it comes to being "in the know"-as if everyone is aware of something vitally important except for you. But worse than that is the feeling there are more important things everyone should know but few do. The Bible calls these types of secrets mysteries. For most people, life is exactly that, a mystery. But Jesus came to help us solve our mysteries. He came to five us knowledge of the truth. The key to victory in Christ and in this life is the knowledge and wisdom that unlocks the mysteries of life. That is why God wants you to pursue wisdom and understanding above all else. Seek to know and understand how and why God has created you. This is the one secret you can be in on. There is overcoming power in knowing it is God's desire for you to succeed and prosper, as well as knowing how He has designed you to create success and abundance in every sphere you influence. This includes Spirit-inspired thoughts, declarations, and conversations, divinely appointed relationships, business opportunities and challenges-and above all else, supernatural gifts and abilities as you acknowledge every good thing that is in Christ. So, the secret is out. It is your time to consciously paint the canvas of your life with whatever you aspire to achieve. Fill your mind with majestic thoughts. Generate excitement and expectation with every word that proceeds from your mouth. I urge you to create a masterpiece out of your life. Dare to imagine!
Jessica Smith

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Melissa said...

you got me! As soon as I read the title I was drawn in! Did that on purpose didn't you! LOL! seriously though good post! Love ya!