Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pictures from My Trip To North Carolina-Part One

The following pictures are of Greg and I's trip to North Carolina. This is part one, from my first cameras. Join me for this short journey!

We start by meeting up with John and Ginger Wheeler from Falcon's Children's Home in Falcon, NC. We are been friends with them for many years, and they moved to take over the home a couple of years ago. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays of which has THE BEST Mango Tea in the whole world! Too bad Oklahoma doesn't have any. It was sooo good to see them! We miss they dearly.

We then drove a few days later to Whiteville, NC to visit with Pastor Lyndon Purifoy and his wife Penny. They were the Pastors of whom I worked for over 5 years ago, as their Youth Pastor. They have become as mentors, parents, and covenant friends to us and to be with them for the day was one the main highlights of our trip.

Should I share how hot my husband looks in this picture?? He is great, so is Pastor Purifoy!

Penny Purifoy is great! She is a very practical no-nonsense woman who enjoys great movies and funny stories. We had hit it off since the first time we met! I love you girl!

From there we drove to Shallot, NC with the Purifoys to eat dinner at a Seafood place, and watch a movie.

The food was good, but this picture was taken by our waitress, it does not show my best side!

Penny listening to Greg tell a story...can't share it with ya, sorry!

Pastor P laughing at the plate of spaghetti I ordered. I cannot eat shellfish or such items from the ocean, however, this plate of food you see below was bigger than three of the other plates combined. Penny took it home to feed her sons! Goodness! I ate like 1/16th of it.

Yummy! It was very good! I have to admit!

From there we drove home, and the next day drove to see our friends Billy and Allison Autry. They attended the church we were pastoring a few years ago, and we haven't seen them in a while. I miss our late runs to McDonald's as we visited hospitals together!

We then drove to Wilmington, NC. In case you didn't know that is where they filmed Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill.

This is the bridge into Wilmington, NC. We were crossing the Inner Coastal Waterway. Beautiful!

We are almost there! Wait, that's not their house...but I wish it was mine!

We made it! This is Cheri, Greg's Sister.

This is Walt, Cheri's husband:

And in these two pictures, is my new nephew Caleb. He turned 1 while were there. I finally got to meet the little cutie!! Cheri has another on the way! A niece to spoil, yes!

We really enjoyed our time with them. It was VERY HARD to leave and come back to Oklahoma after all that, but we have adapted okay.

I know this picture is from a few months ago, but hey, it was a good one. This is Jessica Smith signing off until later. Stick around and check for Part to of the NC trip!

Be Blessed!!!!

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