Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dying From the Neck Up

"Most men die from the neck up by the age of 25 because they stop dreaming."

~Ben Franklin

In our childhood years we say,

"I want to be a doctor today."

At thirteen it has all been said,

"I will be a Marine Biologist instead."

Eighteen brings along our college years.

Find a school, declare a major or else.

Changing from one to another;

Landing in one that we will never;

Use ever in our life

All the college loans are a strife.

Moving in back with mom.

21 years old and going strong.

Video games played all night.

Looking for jobs in the light.

Single, alone and fuming.

Is this life worth living?

25 at last, nothing earned

Nothing shown

Just nothing at last.

At last.


I do not believe that God desires us to be a push over, pull-over, door-mated, boring Servant of God. There is greatness on the inside of you and we let the issues of life take over our gifts and talents, changing our mind from the very thing that makes our heart beat with passion.

No matter what age you are, God has known you since the days of old, and knit you together in your mother's womb (Psalms 139). Men and women of God, I don't care if you are 9 or 90, open your heart, let God revive His dream for your life. It is only too late when you give up and sit on it. Get up! Get Going! Get Out of the Land of Lameness and mediocrity and do something different. Salt is does food no good just sitting on the dusty shelf in the cupboard. Salt, dust yourself off and flavor your world!!

In His Hands,

~Jessica Smith

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LAURIE said...

thank you for your visit to my blog earlier and leaving me your comment. I loved the quote you put here on this post from Ben Franklin-

"Most men die from the neck up by the age of 25 because they stop dreaming."

WOW. how true is that. May our dreams and visions stay bright....
-Blessings, Laurie