Monday, October 20, 2008

When Words are Incomplete

Good Morning,

Last night we had cell group at our friend's house. There are 12 of us who gather every Sunday night for a time of reflection, support, prayer and encouragement. Sitting in a circle of chairs, drinking fo-fo coffee (coffee with all whip cream, cinnamon, etc.), eating health brownies, and sharing our fears was the main highlights of the evening. However, one thing did leave several of us speechless.

We were given a piece of paper, pencil and a few minutes to write down our fears. Leaving no name, we put paper back on the table, mixed them up and took someone else's paper. Taking turns, we read the fear out-loud then gave encouragement and a Biblical perspective to that fear. It was very heart-warming and uplifting.

Opening my paper, and reading, it said, " I have a fear of cross dressing."

*Sound of restless legs, open gasps, and a few snickers*

No one said anything. They really did not know how to address this issue.

Most of all the other fears were addressed.

Some people made a few *harmless* jokes about the subject.

In the end, we prayed and went on our way.

While it is true that the fears that were shared were of the flesh, financial, and relational aspect, and we are to look through the eyes of Father in connection to everything in our life, whoever had that fear most likely left feeling helpless and hopeless.

I am no longer at a loss for words.

Just so you know, I AM NOT a licensed psychologist or counselor, this is my OPINION.

So here is my encouragement for this person, even though this person will never even read this:

-Fear is the base issue in all of what was written down.

-Fear is not of God, but the enemy uses it to keep us from our full potential.

-Cross dressing or the desire to, comes from a desire for feminine/masculine aspects, characteristics, lack of feminine/masculine attention or acceptance, or the desire to be recognized for one's sensitive or tough side emotionally.

You might have the desire to already cross-dress and may have even tried at times, yet feel that this could become a habit for you, and that you might end up being rejected in the church or in your family.

Know that who you are is not based on clothes, the desire to be someone you were not created to be, or the pressure of a bad relationship, example or today's society. Who God created you to be is what is most important. You are looking for your identity, and that can only be found in Him. In a personal relationship with God the Father, through His Son, Jesus.

The desire to cross dress does not make you a sinner, but shows that you are searching. Even if you know God and have relationship with Him, you are still looking to see who you really are in Him and what your purpose is in life.

Do not walk around in shame, may God be your confidence and the lifter of your head. Find a trusted pastor of whom with you can share and talk to and pray with. This is NOT something to walk alone in.

Let God show you who He has created you to be, not a fear or a desire.

Just My Thoughts,

~Jessica Smith


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am new here. I just read your post and it is just too bad that the writer of the note, could not read this. Can you not say, what you wrote, at your next cel meeting? Just say there is some unfinished business from last meeting. No reply will make this brother or sister struggle even more. He/she now thinks there really is something wrong with him/her. Assure him/her, that it has nothing to do with homosexuality, because that is their greatest fear.

In Christ, Selamat

Jessica Smith said...

Thank you for commenting. I have already spoken in the cell group about this matter actually. I agree, not saying anything at all can destroy a person even more! Thank you for your concern and may God richly bless you in all you put your hands to!